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We grow vegetables, microgreens, edible flowers, and  fodder on an urban hydroponic farm

We build operationally- efficient farms that maximise yield

using smart technology and design

Choose  Hydroponics

Support eating locally and more sustainably

What is Healthier for you is Healthier for Our Planet

Hydroponics is the smart way of farming​

Smart Farming is the Future of Agriculture


Uses upto 95% less water than traditional farming. 1kg of tomato grown in the open field uses 70L of water. In a hydroponic greenhouse, it drops to 4-10L/kg.

No Pesticides

Eliminates harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides which humans ingest. There is no run-off generated that affects our soil and waterways.

Reduced footprint

Food travels a very short distance to reach you. This keeps the nutrition intact and dramatically reduces the carbon footprint.

Safe & Fresh

Grown without contamination from soil and heavy metal pollution. Guaranteed freshness due to a shorter supply chain.

Maximum land use

Can grow more volume in small spaces, and reduces the agricultural stress on land resources.

year round harvests

Growth is faster and the farm is operational throughout the year, ensuring steady supply of fresh food.

Choose Parna   Farms 

We impact hydroponics
in two ways 


Here at Parna, we're all about

Big Farms


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